AVR North Ostrobothnia

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North Ostrobothnia is a fast growing ICT industry region in Finland focusing highly on AVR, 5/6G and AI. DNA of Oulu is the innovation of new emerging technologies. Globally, 2.6 billion people use technologies developed in Oulu every day. In the past four years more than 20 global technology brands invested in Oulu and in 2014–2016 more than 500 new start-ups were established. No wonder Oulu has 25,000 university level students so we have a large available workforce. People living in Oulu are the happiest in the quality of their lives, distances are short and the public transportation is well-organized. Currently, Oulu provides nearly 20,000 high-tech jobs which makes comparable to New York as a region.

A co-operation initiative 'AVR Kickstart in the Northern Ostrobothnia' was established by Oulu University of Applied Sciences and funded by the European Regional Development Funf (ERDF) via the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and The Environment, North Ostrobothnia.


Jussi Kangasoja
Special Researcher, Creative Industries
Oulu University of Applied Sciences

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