Helsinki region


The Helsinki region is the place to be in all things tech. As the capital area, Helsinki is the center for both economic and technological growth in Finland. As a major hub, Helsinki also channels the offering and needs of other regions and connects them globally.

Due to high-quality education and longstanding traditions in ICT, the Helsinki region has a highly talented English-speaking workforce with remarkable technical skills, for example, in machine learning, graphics, coding, gaming and photonics. These are tech professionals with commercial skills that have been developed in mobile, game and software businesses. The regional AVR ecosystem offers complementary services and strategic partnerships and works together with other active non-overlapping organizations, such as the Finnish Virtual Reality Association, Virtual Reality Finland, XR Nation and the soon to be opened Helsinki XR Center or HXRC advancing the development of a nationwide ecosystem, knowledge sharing and best practices.


Kimmo Paajanen
Project Manager, HILLA Gaming Ecosystem
Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Mobile: +358 40 661 2871
Skype: kimmop69